Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Evolution of a Map

From top left to bottom right: First, a pencil sketch was submitted for approval.
The artwork was drawn onto watercolor paper. Next, masking fluid was applied to areas that
would remain white or later be colored differently than the background.
The aqua background color was painted, then the yellow of the sun.
Acrylic ink was applied on the lettering, allowing for lighter yellow paint
to be applied against the dark background. The sun was touched up with a coral to yellow gradient,
giving the feeling of a Caribbean sunset.
The final painting was used as the cover of a folding card wedding invitation.

RSVP postcard showcased photographs provided by the couple.

Melissa and Kyle are having a Caribbean-themed wedding, and really wanted the island feel to come through in their wedding invitations. Their enthusiasm for the upcoming wedding (and this project) was contagious. We thought it would be different to show the process of how this particular illustrated map came together in stages.

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