Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vintage 1930s Aerial Photographs of the Jersey Shore

Downtown Manasquan, New Jersey, c. 1932. Our studio was rebuilt on this site in the late 1950s.

Looking toward Manasquan Inlet, c. 1932
Sea Girt, New Jersey, c. 1932. The large building in the lower center of the photograph is the Stockton Hotel.
It was destroyed by fire in 1965.
Spring Lake, New Jersey, c. 1932. More of the grand hotels that once graced the shoreline (north to south):
The Warren, The Essex and Sussex, and The Monmouth. Only the Essex and Sussex remains today, not as a hotel but as luxury oceanfront condominiums.
Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, c. 1932. The original Jenkinson's Pavilion on the Boardwalk.
Shore Airport 
Letterhead (top) and the Pilot with his plane.
These photographs are family heirlooms and magnificent examples of history at the Jersey Shore. Matt's grandfather was a pilot in the area in the late 1920s and early 1930s. He owned one of the first airports in central New Jersey. We salvaged and restored these and several other photographs from his collection. Given that the shore has been developed so much since this moment in time, seeing empty lots this close to the ocean is amazing.

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